Career Profiles: Dr. Dan’s Top 5 Survival Tips for Thriving in Emergency Medicine

Spotlight on Dr. Dan Magdziarz (aka Dr. Majors or Dr. Dan) and his top five pearls of wisdom from twenty years inside the E.R. oyster. This is a do-not-miss episode--t

Show Notes

  • A Top 5 summary: More tests, not lest tests when things are busy. Trust the toolbelt, call the maintenance guy when in doubt. Get on eye level with the patient and let them have the first 30 seconds. Lousiana Doctor Rule: assume the position of Square One. And, learn in a way that works for you.

  • Dan Magdziarz’s reimbursement tool for physicians: Chart Optima


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*Music by Wesley Price*


Marie MacMillan

Writer / Podcast Host






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