Episode 1 – “Camp nursing is awesome” I interview Marianne Rudd, registered nurse with 36 years of experience. We discuss her broad experience in home health and camp nursing, changes in nursing practice over time, the difficulties of technology and patient documentation, and the greater rewards of working in healthcare.

  • ·       “I liked the community that I could see of nurses and physicians and people working together. That is still vital with healthcare, healthcare that’s working well.”
  • ·         “I did wonder, do I have what it takes? The answer is, most of the time.”
  • ·         “It has made me realize that I’ve been blessed to have learned from so many people.”
  • ·         “It’s satisfying to be in peoples’ homes, be part of their lives.”
  • ·         “I’ve seen the pioneers of the West Coast and Oregon change national trends.”

Episode GlossaryTPN = total parenteral nutrition, nutrition delivered intravenously; PICC = peripherally inserted central catheters, intravenous access devices used for long-term infusion use, Association of Camp Nurses www.acn.org

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