Nurses Week 2019

Nurses Week 2019

Listen to President Barack Obama’s full address to the ANA from 2010 here:

*Correction: In the episode I state this speech occurred on July 16th, 2010 - which is an error, it actually occurred JUNE 16th, 2010. (...July 16th is my baby's due date, ah!)

Thanks for listening to this special episode of Head-to-Toe! I’d like to thank everyone who has made monetary contributions for the podcast’s 3rd birthday which we celebrated in April. Whether it was $10 or $100, thanks so much guys for supporting the show and keeping this healthcare storytelling project going.

  • Rudy Garcia
  • Ashley Blackmon
  • Caryl Schiavon
  • Joyce Auxier
  • Blythe Harrison-Sayre
  • Engel Jones
  • Matt Potter
  • Sam Koubba
  • And everyone else who contributed at the $3 level as well, thank you.

Thank you to the podcast sponsor Luxe Pillow – need a late Mother’s Day gift? Head to and use the checkout code “headtotoe” to get 10% off a wondrous, luxurious, sleep-inducing pillow. Moms need sleep. For real. Seriously the whole sleep thing gets completely upended from your life, as I am learning even before my son arrives. T-minus 2.5 months and counting! Okay that’s all for now, email me your thoughts and show suggestions at – also it’s not too late to donate! Go to to find the links to donate.



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