“I can really harness this energy and use it for good.”  Spotlight on Angela Simpson, national director and founder of the Silent No More Foundat...View Details

SHOW NOTES Best Stories 2017 – “Making a difference” version Opening an innovative hospital unit. Speaking at the Smithsonian. Finding restituti...View Details

SHOW NOTES   Best Stories 2017 – “All the feels” version Life altering chocolate. Busking at the bedside. Facing racism over coffee. Dying with...View Details

Episode 12 - Violence in the Workplace: "I'm sorry, we don't do brain transplants." Wanting the impossible, balancing customer service with safe patie...View Details

Episode 11: "There are no boundaries to the human condition." A personal history in nursing - Linda Sorensen, RN Patient names have been "bleeped" in ...View Details

Click here to donate $1 for 1st birthday! Todd Scott Star WArs Defibrillator talk: https://www.ted.com/talks/todd_scott_an_intergalactic_guide_to_usi...View Details

Drugs, FDA, and “Viagra the Musical” – rare diseases and Googling, Big Pharma, FDA, and much more. I learned so very much from Jean Masonek. If ...View Details

Interview with 86-year-old Pat Petersen, lifelong Oregonian and retired registered nurse. She talks to me about her schooling, working while having a ...View Details

Beth Reid has more than 40 years of nursing history to speak from. Graduating from school in 1954 and retiring from the profession in 1995 - she gives...View Details

Peanut butter sandwiches, hospital pillows, baseball, and knowing it’s worth it. Best stories from 2016 from four exceptional healthcare workers. 

Fun times at the OHCA Convention & Trade Show at the Portland Convention Center on Monday September 20th, 2016! I interviewed two willing individu...View Details

Guest-less, Marie divulges some of her own memorable workplace stories and discuss recent healthcare news in the fourth installment episode of "Head-t...View Details

Links! Oregon Center for Nursing  American Nurses Association Code of Ethics  National League for Nursing’s recommendations University of Portlan...View Details

Spoiler alert: I am NOT an expert audio technician. There's some bumps, but this episode is so worth listening to: “Nursing is such an all pervasive...View Details

Episode 1 – “Camp nursing is awesome” I interview Marianne Rudd, registered nurse with 36 years of experience. We discuss her broad experience ...View Details

A series of interviews with experienced medical professionals--illuminating healthcare's history while projecting a light on its future. A project by...View Details

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