Best Stories 2017 – “All the feels” version

Life altering chocolate. Busking at the bedside. Facing racism over coffee. Dying with dignity. Tiny victories when the system works against you. And using the Force. Get ready to experience a range of emotions from 7 professionals’ BEST STORIES of the year.

Dustin, RN – Guiding young Padowans to psychiatric safety (lightsaber optional)

Ashley, NP – Finding success in heart failure

Jesse, DO – Rediscovering moments of humanity as a new attending physician in a post-residency world

Christy Turner, Dementia Care Manager and founder of – Appreciating cosmic taps on the shoulder

Jay, Nurse Manager – Socks, really? Facing racism, drawing the line, and protecting staff as an immigrant and nurse leader

Gabbie, RNUnchanged Melodies in the ICU

Joan, Social Worker – Leaving no stone unturned for a disabled, homeless, transgender addict

*Episode Music by Rhom - - debut album on YouTube - sophomore album coming out 2018

Marie MacMillan

Writer / Podcast Host


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